Soundprovocation Sweeps & Wooshes V2

Soundprovocation has announced the release of Sweeps & Whooshes V2, an upgrade to its effects sample library.

The pack now includes new effects and new categories added. These pure sounds were meant to assist audio professionals: musicians, sound designers, radio and TV producers, DJs. Effects are dedicated to blow-up expressivity and power into your music and production.

Sweeps & Whooshes to V2 features

  • 250 royalty-free effects in 7 categories: 17 drops, 32 noise sweeps, 77 short sweeps, 25 simple, 39 tone sweeps, 25 crunchy sweeps, and 35 whooshes.
  • Format: Aiff, 24 bit, 44100 Hz. Size: 371MB.

Sweeps & Whooshes V2 is available to purchase for 19.99 EUR. Existing customers can upgrade for free.

More information: Soundprovocation