SoundScalpel has announced an acquisition deal which will make it one of the largest libraries of its kind in the world.

SoundScalpel has recently added 30,000 sound effects from BBC productions, increasing its library to 80,000 effects as well as royalty free music for its international and UK customers.

The acquisition is part of an expansion plan which will see the company swell its archive to 150,000 by mid summer. The extended library now includes sound effects created by some of Hollywood’s leading sound designers with effects that have been created specifically for films including Hollywood blockbuster Avatar, through to TV programmes like Eastenders.

“The industry has changed a great deal over the past decade when sound effects CDs used to be the norm,” says Alan McKinney MD of SoundScalpel. “When we first launched the site in 2005 we had only 3,000 effects. This latest expansion means we are able to offer 50 times that number which our customers are able to listen to and decide to download instantly.”

The company now attracts around 40,000 visits per week to its website and is popular with many markets around the world outside of the film and TV industry. Education, theatre, mobile phone apps, websites and game makers are amongst the many industries that have a regular requirement for sound effects which can be instantly downloaded from the company’s website at the click of a mouse.

“As well as the dramatic increase in sound effects available, we now have over 9,000 royalty free music tracks available for the first time which already have been used for film trailers, corporate videos and adverts,” adds Alan.

More information: SoundScalpel