Audio Plugin Deals has launched a promotion on the Soundspear 2021 Complete Collection, offering an 85% discount on the bundle of 7 audio plugins/

The bundle includes a mastering rack, compressor, and 5 Capsules made for specific sound enhancements.

SOUNDSPEAR spent the last year searching for the perfect recipes to create innovative and inspiring plugins. The result is this unique set of plugins that is a must have for any professional music producer or professional.

Soundspear 2021 Complete Collection features

  • Variform (Capsule): 3 cutting-edge distortion algorithms.
  • Rumble (Capsule): Kick rumble generator.
  • Myst (Capsule): Thickness enhancer.
  • Luxor (Capsule): Tape spatializer.
  • Blowfish (Capsule): Crisp topping generator.
  • S1 (Mastering): Stereo imaging mastering rack.
  • Kill the Top (Traditional effect): 6-bands upwards and downwards compressor.

The bundle is available for purchase for $29 USD until December 16th, 2021 (regular value $190 USD). You will also receive $14.50 USD in rewards for use in the APD Shop after completing the order.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals