SoundSpice has launched three sample packs in a new Breakbeats – Structured series, featuring a collection of beats and percussion & more.

SoundSpice Breakbeats Structured Trilogy

Breakbeats – Structured : Chapter 1-2-3 Each have over 400megs of content, 3/4 of which is beats and percussion. This material is in the 70-110bpm range, and can be used in many low and mid-range tempo styles. Each collection includes way more than is heard in the demo, over 100megs of additional beat & percussion loops.

A cross between the Perimeter Sound ‘Bio-Mechanic Beats’ collections and the SoundSpice ‘Supernatural Glitch-Hop’ series. This trilogy focuses on mid-tempo grooves and adds a dash of half-time drum-n-bass flavor to the mix. Find brand new rhythms and add variations to bolster your sound, make your tracks go in a different direction with Structured.

The packs are available exclusively at SoundSpice for $20.95 USD each. Use coupon code INTRO to get 20% off from now through August 6th.

More information: SoundSpice