Following the success of the landmark Ventris Dual Reverb, Source Audio has announced the True Spring Reverb pedal.

The True Spring is a compact, stereo effects pedal that pairs authentic spring reverb simulations with organic tremolo effects.

On the reverb side, the True Spring offers a choice between the reverb tones of vintage combo amps or the “drippy” sound of a tube driven outboard spring tank. Each reverb effect works in tandem with any of the pedal’s three tremolo effects (Opto, Bias, and Harmonic). The True Spring Reverb features a four-knob control surface, high-powered 56-bit processing, stereo inputs and outputs, deep editing capabilities with the Neuro Editing system (a free download for mobile or desktop), true or buffered bypass, bypass trails, full MIDI functionality when connected to Source Audio’s Neuro Hub and external tap tempo and tremolo engage/bypass with the Source Audio Tap Switch.

The True Spring Reverb brings together two highly acclaimed effects families from the Source Audio sound library. The True Spring and Outboard Spring engines, originally created for the Ventris Dual Reverb, are the basis for the new pedal’s reverb effects. The Opto, Bias, and Harmonic tremolo sounds from Source Audio’s Vertigo Tremolo inhabit the tremolo half of the pedal. “We essentially brought together two of our most heralded sounds in a single pedal,” says Source Audio President, Roger Smith. “The spring reverbs from the Ventris and the tremolo from the Vertigo make for a spectacular combination.”

Source Audio True Spring Reverb

True Spring Reverb features

  • Three Distinct Spring Reverb and Tremolo Effects.
  • Two Modes of Operation – Use the pedal in Standard Mode for a classic (non-preset) stompbox experience or turn on Preset Mode and save a user preset (including reverb/tremolo effects and knob positions) to each of the three toggle switch positions.
  • Flexible Stereo Routing – The True Spring is equally at home in a mono or stereo rig. The pedal’s stereo inputs and outputs offer a variety of routing options such as Stereo to Stereo, Mono to Mono, Mono-to-Stereo, Stereo Sum-to-Mono and External Loop Mode.
  • Universal Bypass — Select Active Analog (Buffered) or True Bypass.
  • Secondary Tremolo Controls – Press and hold the CONTROL INPUT button to access the True Spring’s tremolo effects (DWELL knob controls tremolo DEPTH / TONE knob controls tremolo RATE / toggle switch selects tremolo type).
  • Expression Control — Compatible with Source Audio expression pedals and the Hot Hand 3 Universal Wireless Effects Controller. Assign up to three simultaneous parameters with editable depth and direction.
  • External Tap Tempo – Use the Source Audio Tap Switch to tap in the tremolo rate with a choice of four different beat divisions (quarter, eighth, triplet, and sixteenth).
  • External Tremolo Engage and Bypass – Use the Source Audio Tap Switch to engage or disengage the tremolo effects on top of an active spring reverb.

The street price of the True Spring Reverb is $229 USD. The True Spring Reverb Deluxe Package, which also includes a Source Audio Tap Tempo Switch, is available for a street price of $249 USD.

More information: Source Audio