spacedad frankenstein2

spacedad has released frankenstein2, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Frankenstein2 sports a new GUI, additional presets by runagate and pinkjimiphoton, and many improvements since version 1.0.

Frankenstein2 features

  • Head = formant synth with waveshaping.
  • Body = 6 op FM synth with multipliers.
  • Heart = 5 osc synth with LFO’s.
  • Arms = FM osc.
  • Legs = Casio noise-type synth.
  • Lightning = delay modulation.
  • Charge = delay with distortion.
  • Brain = main control room.
  • + volumes for each synth, master volume, ADSR with lowpass filter/limiter/saturation.

Frankenstein2 is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit spacedad for more information and a link to download frankenstein2.