Spectre Digital has announced availability of its new Kontakt Player-powered drum instrument library Extinction Level Event – Master Kit, a big and explosive sounding kit that offers complete control of your drum sound.

Suitable for any style of music, ELE brings realism to a whole new level with full bleed control, multiple dynamic layers, and tons of samples and musical articulations that are useful for creating realistic hi-hat patterns, snare rudiments, and more.

Why is ELE so powerful? Well, to put it simply: you are in complete control of your drum sound. Do you want full control of how the bleed interacts between the shells and cymbals? Go for it – you can tweak every single aspect of drum bleed, opting to have full bleed or having drum bleed for only certain parts of the drum kit.

What about processing? Other drum libraries already come pre-processed to a degree and you can’t do anything about it. With ELE, you can literally turn off every aspect of processing and shape your perfect drum sound from scratch.

Extinction Level Event – Master Kit features

  • Full bleed control for maximum realism.
  • Mix-Ready presets.
  • Stereo or multiple output routing for ultimate flexibility.
  • Compatible with electronic drum kits.
  • Includes TCI files for sample replacement.

Extinction Level Event – Master Kit is on sale for a time-limited introductory promo price of $84 USD until August 31st, 2022 (MSRP $99 USD). The NKS-ready library runs in the free Kontakt 6 Player and Kontakt 6.

More information: Spectre Digital