Spektralisk has announced the release of a 250 wavetables for synthesizers with wavetable synthesis such as Vital and Serum. The Wavemorph Wavetable Collection includes Wav and Vitaltable formats.

All wavetables are categorised according to how they sound when swept with LFO and what kind of sounds they are useful for.

Wavetable names are prefixed with the 4 letter code to indicate the category. This was done for convenience sake, so that all categories can be put in one folder and user can quickly flick through different timbers when working on sounds.

The waveform categories in Wavemorph include hybrid, instrument, noise, synth, and texture. The pack also includes 64 single cycle waveforms, allowing you to construct your own wavetables.

Wavemorph is available for purchase for the introductory price of $15 USD until October 10th, 2021 (regular $25 USD). Sound Flux members can get 50 wavetables taken from full version.

More information: Spektralisk