Spitfire Audio has released a new Originals series instrument library. The Cinematic Soft Piano features the sounds of a felted upright Yamaha U3.

Spitfire Audio used the same model to create LABS Soft Piano, the world’s most popular piano plugin.

Re-recorded in the reverberant acoustics of AIR Studios, the piano instrument was sampled in more detail, with multiple microphone positions, round robins and dynamic layers.

The library is about 2GB in size, and features:

  • Three signals: Close, Mix (by Jake Jackson) & Pad.
  • Five presets: Intimate, Upfront, 50 50, Afterglow, Washed Out. From close and intimate to reverberant and enveloping, with synth textures.
  • Six controls: Expression, Dynamics, Reverb, Tightness, Pedal & Hammers.
  • Available in Spitfire Audio’s free and easy-to-use dedicated plugin.

Cinematic Soft Piano costs 29 USD/EUR/GBP.

More information: Spitfire Audio