Spitfire Audio has introduced a new Originals series library featuring the sounds of an extraordinary collection of flutes, sourced from all over the globe, performed by world renowned flautist, Andy Findon.

Rare Flutes contains woodwinds, such as the Bansuri and Chinese bamboo flute, to add a unique palette to your compositions.

Delicate and exquisite, these artisanal instruments were purposefully recorded dry in order to allow more control over the sound. With a central focus on the tone of each woodwind and three distinctive signals, (Close, Room and Super Reverb) you have the option to give your sound warmth, sharpness or ambiance — or blend all three signals to create something truly exquisite.

Priced 29 USD/EUR/GBP, the library includes 16 presets of rare woodwinds not found in other Spitfire libraries. Note that Rare Flutes features content from Andy Findon Kitbag 1 & 2. Existing owners of these libraries will be issued a free copy of Rare Flutes.

More information: Spitfire Audio