Spitfire Audio has introduced the latest installment in the LABS series of free software instruments, made by musicians, for musicians.

Electronic Antique features the sounds of the Ondioline, an electronic keyboard musical instrument that is considered a forerunner of the synthesizer.

Discover a rare gem of music history with one of the world’s earliest synthesisers — the Ondioline. Designed and patented by French inventor Georges Jenny in the early 1940s, the LABS team captured its delightfully off-kilter sound, transforming the raw recordings into a range of playful presets. Fizzing with smile-inducing possibilities — the Ondioline is as wild as your imagination.

Electronic Antique and all other LABS series instruments are free to download for use in Spitfire’s free plugin (VST/VST, AU and AAX).

More information: Spitfire Audio