Spitfire Audio has released version 4 of the first volume of Albion, a sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The finest orchestral sessions musicians playing the finest, rarest instruments, recorded at Air Studios – Lyndhurst Hall, London, through the finest vintage, valve, and ribbon mics to 2″ tape. The only tape based orchestral library in the world. This is all you need to write epic sounding, widescreen cinematic orchestral music straight out of the box. Recorded in sections, this library features rich aggressive and lyrical strings, punchy, growling brass and some seriously malevolent woodwinds.

Albion features

  • Unified patches to bring all articulations of an instrument into a single NKI with keyswitching.
  • New ‘Combined’ patches to merge Lo/Hi sections instead of cumbersome MULTIS.
  • New ‘Time Machine’ patches to stretch/squash the short samples time-wise.
  • New ‘Overlay’ patches to easily blend Albion with Loegria/Iceni/Sable/Solo Strings.
  • New ‘The Cog’ patches to tweak the instrument on a granular level to your preference.
  • The latest version of Spitfire’s Ostinatum machine (configurable keyswitches, multiple tracks, etc.).
  • Highly configurable articulation mapping (assign and group articulations to notes, CCs, velocities and MIDI channels).
  • Customisable CC can be used to quickly change articulation (defaults to CC32).
  • Expression control added to all patches.
  • ADSR control added to the Stephenson/Brunel patches.
  • Route a microphone’s output by clicking the mic title.
  • Improved Round Robin reset options such as ‘Reset from’ and ‘Reset on transport’.
  • ‘Presets’ allows you to quickly purge/unpurge articulations defined for various situations.
  • Holding alt when dragging a mic slider prevents purge/unpurge.
  • And many many more tweaks and fixes.

Albion is available to purchase for £349 GBP ex. VAT. The v4 update is free to Albion users.

More information: Spitfire Audio / Albion