Spitfire Audio has launched Chamber Strings Professional, a deep-sampled Kontakt Player instrument library featuring the sounds of string articulations and techniques from 16 of the finest string players, recorded in The Hall at Air Studios, London.

The professional edition strengthens the core patches from Spitfire Chamber Strings, including four additional microphone positions and three CPU-friendly stereo mixes by award-winning engineer Jake Jackson, giving a hugely diverse range of signals for all sounds.

This professional edition enhances and provides greater flexibility to the patches from Spitfire Chamber Strings, with four additional microphones for all techniques (excluding Ensembles) – warm Close Ribbon (Cr), close Stereo Pair (St) and Gallery (G) signals, as well as Outrigger (O) signals on all techniques with the essential CTA for added warmth, creating CTAO for the ‘classic’ Spitfire setup.

On top of this we offer the Fine (F), Medium (M) and Broad (B) stereo mixes for all techniques (except Ensembles) for instantly great sounding mixes, with low CPU/RAM usage. This expansion contains over 150GB of additional content to help you make the most of Spitfire Chamber Strings.

Spitfire Chamber Strings Professional is available for the intro price of 899 EUR until Thursday May 10th, 08:00 BST (regular 999 EUR). Crossgrading available to Spitfire Chamber Strings customers.

More information: Spitfire Audio