In a new video from Splice, Nick Chen covers chord progressions that can be used in Pop, Trap, Reggaeton, Hip hop, Deep House, R&B, and other genres.

The video teaches you how to play basic triads and you can listen to popular examples by Drake, Daft Punk, Adele, and other artists.

Chord progressions often serve as the foundation for songs across a wide array of genres.

While there are no hard rules for what can belong in a chord progression, over time a number of popular patterns have emerged. In the tutorial video above, we go over seven chord progressions that are absolutely worth familiarizing yourself with, spanning everything from the basics to some more colorful progressions featuring borrowed chords.

With each progression, we’ll listen to how it sounds in isolation, cite some popular use cases, and demonstrate them in a track within the DAW so that you can get a clear understanding of the kinds of emotions it can paint when applied.

You can grab all of the MIDI files from the Splice blog and incorporate these chord progressions into your own tracks.

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