Splice has announced it has integrated “1-Click Plugin Purchasing” to its cloud-based platform for music creation, collaboration and sharing for artists of any skill level.

Splice 1-Click Plugin Purchasing

When music creators are inspired, nothing should get in the way of creating fearlessly and turning ideas into great recordings. Whether working alone or with any number of collaborators, all of the tools you need should be available in one place where they are easily accessible. That’s why we are excited to unveil our 1-click plugin purchase experience, creating an end-to-end plugin discovery, marketing, and distribution platform on Splice.

Starting today, Splice has integrated instant plugin purchases throughout the site, making it even easier to record your ideas with fresh new sounds the moment inspiration strikes. We’ve partnered with a number of prominent manufacturers for this initial offering. If you are working with a collaborator who has a plugin you don’t, you can immediately get the plugin and not have to worry about freezing tracks or bouncing audio stems before you are ready. We’ll also be offering instant downloads for a number free plugins curated by the Splice team.

Now you can discover and explore plugins organically throughout the creation experience on Splice – whether browsing public DNA players, opening project sessions from collaborators, or exploring our plugins hub which provide plugin rankings by actual producer usage and showcase popular projects utilizing those plugins. Our plugin pages are quickly becoming a valuable resource, with tons of information, tutorials and full DAW sessions from prominent artists, such as Laidback Luke and Henry Fong, and members of our community that you can explore instantly. We’re going to continue expanding these resources. Over the next few weeks, we will start surfacing even more information including weekly usage trends, what particular plugins well-known artists are using, and more.

Finally, in addition to providing purchases, we’ll safely manage your licenses, provide instant access to installers for your platform, and update you when new versions are available, saving you valuable time on plugin maintenance and shortening the time needed to rebuild your studio. We’re also announcing our plugin SDK which will soon allow for new models of plugin distribution like subscription & rental. Today, we take another step towards the collaborative world we strive toward, laying the groundwork for more innovative solutions to make using, purchasing, and managing plugins easier than ever.

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