SSA Plugins has announced the release of aXMeter, a free ambisonic meterering effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

aXMeter o4

aXMeter is an Ambisonic meter plugin that shows the RMS and peak levels of all the Ambisonic channels, up to seventh order. The channels for each order are grouped together for easy inspection.

By default, aXMeter shows the channel levels up to third-order. If the input signal is of higher order, the plugin window will expand to reveal the gains for the higher order channels, keeping screen real-estate free when working with lower order.

The aXMeter is ideal for checking signal levels between encoding with the aXPanner and decoding with the aXMonitor.

aXMeter is available as a free download in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats. Customers who have previously bought one of the aXBundles will find the aXMeter in the download from their account.

More information: SSA Plugins