Sample Magic has announced the release of Stacker, a new virtual drum instrument for Windows and Mac.

Sample Magic Stacker

It’s time to evolve your drum game with the world’s most powerful drum layering and sound design plugin.

Build bigger beats, deeper drums, fatter hits and solid subs faster than ever thanks to a combination of three custom samplers and designer drum synth alongside a dynamic and diverse FX section boasting unique and intuitive editing controls. Find out how Stacker will bring you total drum domination…

Stacker features

  • Three powerful samplers — Craft unique, custom sounds in seconds by importing up to three different audio samples. Carve samples to your exact requirements using assignable start, loop and end points, characterful filters, 8-point envelopes, insert FX and an exhaustive palette of phase correction and stereo width tools. Combine ambient live recordings for composite drum layers.
  • Designer drum synth — Stacker’s synth engine featuring a powerful modelled analogue oscillator with separate noise generator for constructing sonically rich kicks, snare, hats, percussion and FX. Tune the oscillator to your track for bulky sub kicks. Employ noise ‘pump’ to give a raw analogue edge to a stacked snare. Add transient energy to tired hits. Play melodic kick drums patterns using MIDI.
  • Sculpt, shape & process — With an intuitive GUI, global overview of layers and quick access to filters, tuning, volume, amp length and more. Delve deeper for advanced sound design tools: multistage envelopes, distortion presets, analogue-style filters,flexible 2-band EQ, mod envelopes, LFOs, delay and reverb engine. Automate every parameter; edit audition with on/off buttons for all effects, envelopes and layers.
  • 1200+ presets built to inspire — Stacker ships with 1208 expertly crafted presets including supreme drum sounds, raw samples, tried and tested envelope curves, IRs, macro assignments, FX racks and more. Browse and create, swap and tweak, or click the lightning bolt for intelligently randomised starting points.

Stacker for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase at an introductory price of £59.99 GBP (25% off regular).

More information: Sample Magic

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