Steinberg has announced a sizeable price drop for its CMC controllers.

Steinberg CMC Controller Series

Each of the six slim-sized controllers features a dedicated set of rotary encoders, touch faders or pads designed to provide hands-on control of a specific section in Cubase.

While the CMC series witnessed a remarkable success since last year’s introduction, an increase in efficiency of production was achieved in this year’s first two quarters, thus allowing Steinberg to reduce the prices accordingly and pass this immediate benefit on to its valued customers. The new suggested retail prices provide an even greater incentive to pick up on the system’s modular approach.

“With this price drop users have the chance to set up a controller console that fits their needs in every aspect without ever worrying about the cost,” commented Stefan Schreiber, product marketing manager for hardware.

From today on, the new retail prices for the CMC controllers are valid in European countries. The suggested retail price for the CMC-CH, CMC-AI, CMC-QC, CMC-TP and CMC-PD now is 99.99 EUR and the suggested retail price for the CMC-FD now is 119 EUR. Prices including German VAT.

More information: Steinberg / CMC