Steinberg has announced the immediate availability of the latest update for Cubasis 3, the award-winning music production app for both iOS and Android devices.

After extending usability by adding keyboard and mouse support in the previous update, Cubasis 3.3 now connects to external hardware controllers to control every aspect of Cubasis. This type of remote-control support is enabled through MIDI Learn, Mackie Control (MCU) and Human User Interface (HUI) protocols, allowing users to map external control elements like rotary knobs, keys and sliders to the control elements within Cubasis.

Audio Unit Multi Output is an additional feature exclusively available for iOS devices. By supporting multiple outputs of instruments, users can now assign instrument sounds to individual outputs and route these to separate channels within Cubasis 3.3, allowing for more flexibility when processing the sounds. By adding sidechaining capabilities, users of Cubasis 3 can easily apply sidechain compression to achieve the popular audio ducking effect or maintain a clear mix in the lower end of their music productions.

Another iOS exclusive feature, the extended MIDI routing options now available in Cubasis 3.3 delivers powerful internal routing across all tracks, letting MIDI effects control both audio and instruments, such as manipulating vocals with the Waves Tune RT in-app purchase.

Alongside these most significant new features, Cubasis 3.3 also includes many user-requested improvements in both of its iOS and Android versions.

Marketing Manager Lars Slowak commented:

“With Cubasis 3.3, we’ve added many highly requested pro-grade features. Here the team once again excelled in making these quickly and easily accessible so that our customers can continue to retain their focus on making music.”

Cubasis 3.3 is now available through the App Store and Google Play Store, priced 54.99 EUR including German VAT. The update is free for Cubasis 3 customers.

Until May 17th, you can get 30% off on Cubasis and 50% off on selected in-app purchase as part of Steinberg’s Galactic Sale promotion.

More information: Steinberg