STL Tones has released the October 2021 update for its AmpHub platform, bringing various additions to the all encompassing electric guitar suite in software format.

AmpHub features an ever expanding set of stomp-box, amplifier, cabinet, microphone and effect models, covering every possible guitar player needs for any genre.

Changes in the update:

  • Added MIDI support.
  • Added Wampus Dist Triple Wick stompbox model (based on a Wampler Triple Wreck).
  • Added Volume Pedal stompbox and effect model.
  • Added Dune Wah Cry 95 stompbox model (based on a Dunlop Crybaby GCB95).
  • Added Spaceverb effect model.
  • Added tail spillover support for Delay and Reverb models.
  • Added preset bank by Jason Melidonie (Cytotoxin).
  • Optimized models cache management to reduce preset switching time.

AmpHub for Windows and Mac (VST, AU, AAX and standalone software) is available from STL Tones for $10 USD/month or $100 USD/year.