STL Tones has announced a March update for its AmpHub electric guitar suite.

The AmpHub subscription is dedicated to offering you new amps, cabs, pedals, every month. Version 1.0.9 adds the Lab Mr Hectic amplifier model, and a GEQ 10 model is now available in the stompbox section.

Additionally, STL Tones is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of ToneHub, the all-inclusive plugin platform that hosts guitar and bass preset packs from the biggest names in the music industry.

ToneHub turned 1 this month! To celebrate, we are running a huge giveaway, with $900 in prizes, along with a huge discount for the month of March!

ToneHub is on sale for $139 USD with coupon code THANNIVERSARY at the checkout through March. You can also use this code to get 30% off any ToneHub packs.

Furthermore, STL Tones is running a competition where you can win up to $400 USD store credit to win by posting a video of yourself using ToneHub on Instagram or Facebook while playing your favorite riff.

More information: STL Tones