VST Buzz has launched a sale on Streakulator, offering 70% off on the Ableton Live midi-modulated audio effect by StrangeLines.

“Streakulator” is literally the Swiss Army Knife for Ableton Live! You can do sidechain, sound design, waveshaping, filtering, wobble and growl basses, synth sounds from any source, heavy metallic effects, robostep sounds, perfectly synced gating, dramatically fast sound shifting with presets automation and it goes on… as far as your imagination can!

You can use “Streakulator” with any kind of sound too: organic sounds, acoustic instruments, drum loops, synth phrases and vocals. You’ll be surprised at just how incredible it’s sound quality and flexibility are at producing so many different results. You’ll never run out of inspiration again!

Streakulator features

  • Clean modular UI, you are in control at all times.
  • Can be placed on any kind of signal you want.
  • Sound design and shaping capabilities.
  • Perfect gating/triggering via MIDI.
  • Store up to eight of your “creations” and modulate between them on the fly.
  • Save and load custom banks of presets.
  • Fully automatable and midi-controllable.
  • Perfect for sound design, electronic, industrial music and more.

Streakulator for Ableton Live 9.5 & Max For Live 7.1 or higher is available for 11.99 EUR until June 14th, 2016.

More information: VST Buzz