Stretch That Note has announced the release of DruMM Elements Claps, the 3rd sound library in the Elements Series.

Stretch That Note DruMM Elements Claps

The Elements Series are aimed at single hit sounds with with acres of tools to warp sounds on the fly – utilising the STN method of phase cancellation and M/S for depth and width.

Controls such as ‘Air’, ‘Funk’ & ‘Bloat’ let you easily manipulate multiple effects in one easy dial – it’s never been easier to get highly useable claps which mix beautifully into your tracks!

There are six NI Kontakt modules in the series, priced at the staggeringly small price of $10 for each module or $50 for the set of six.

By signing up for an account at Stretch That Note (which is free!) you not only get one of the DruMM Series 1 modules (the Big Grease Kit), but now we’re including an extra DruMM Elements Series 3 Claps module too! Now there’s no excuse not to give DruMM Elements a go!

Not got Kontakt? No problem: The DruMM magic of sample layering is available in pure sample form too – expertly prepared samples fit for layering with no phase issues.

More information: Stretch That Note