Strezov Sampling has announced the release of VIBE Instant Drumkit, a Kontakt drum instrument library featuring a collection of inspiring performances and one-shot samples by Michael Schack.

Strezov Sampling VIBE Instant Drumkit Kontakt

Instant Drumkit was recorded in a large hall, and co-produced by drummer Michael Schack. The library is designed to be a versatile instrument, and features a collection of performances and deeply sampled one-shot samples (19 GB).

Being in active development for more than 8 months, Vibe is a library that heads into new territories for Strezov Sampling. Vibe was recorded in the acoustics of Sofia Session Studio (large hall acoustics) by engineer Plamen Penchev and features performances by Michael Schack.

The library is comprised of two drumsets – one ordinary Drumkit and one Trashkit.

Vibe has 145 performances, recorded in 13 “genres” in multiple variations (called “vibes”). The library features the X3M engine first introduced with Thunder X3M, giving the user the options to load different grooves into different zones of the keyboard, as well as the option to customize the sounds.

Instant Drumkit features

  • Features 145 performances by Michael Schack.
  • Powerful drum samples and performances recorded in Sofia Session Studio within a large hall acoustics.
  • Recorded with multiple microphone positions and one pre-mixed one.
  • Two deeply sampled one-shot drumkit patches.
  • Ability to load up to 4 different genre grooves into a single instance.
  • Optimized to use as less system memory as possible.
  • All content also available as categorized .wav samples ready for drag+drop!.
  • One shot samples recorded with multiple dynamics and round-robins.
  • Ability to Load and Save your templates.
  • Integrated help.

The Instant Drumkit library for Kontakt 5 or higher (full version) is on sale for the intro price of $79 USD until August 14th, 2017 (regular $99 USD).

More information: Strezov Sampling