Marcos Ciscar has released a new Kontakt instrument library that pays tribute to the GM percussion section of vintage synths, but with the realistic results of modern sampling.

Studio Percussion includes a collection of 21 percussion instruments.

I wanted it to be as hands-on and inspiring as these old percussion sections were. Great for song writing sketches, quick production maneuvers to try things out and with the quality to keep it in the final mix!

Studio Percussion features

  • Instruments sampled: Tambourine, cowbell, vibraslap, bongos, congas, timbales, agogo, cabasa, maracas, whistle, guiro, claves, woodblocks, cuica, triangle, shaker, jingle bell, belltree, castanets, flexatone and mark tree.
  • GM2 standard note mapping (except for the add-ons flexatone & mark tree).
  • 24-bit audiophile recordings.
  • Custom made IR with a mix of plate, hall & gated reverb.
  • Guest performer: Robert Drewstad (timbales, belltree & flexatone).

Studio Percussion for the full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher is available to purchase at Loot Audio.