Studio Units Software has announced the release of the Studio Units Plug-in Collection, a new and revolutionary framework for bespoke midi and audio processor design.

The Studio Units plugin collection provides a framework for effortlessly combining instruments and effects, in ways that overcome many of the restrictions traditionally placed on plugin interaction.

In addition to simple audio and midi signal routing, other more flexible transformation options are also provided. These include the ability to convert between plugin parameters, midi controllers and audio signals, progressing from direct mapping to more diverse forms of interaction if required.

The entire framework is designed to integrate seamlessly with plugins from other manufacturers. This is achieved in various ways, including a highly flexible plugin, program, preset and file browser, enabling you to find what you are looking for in the shortest time possible.

Studio Units - Tube Vocoder

Studio Units Tube Vocoder, one of the free effect patches

Studio Units Plug-in Collection features

  • Effortlessly combines instruments and effects in new and ingenious ways.
  • Seamlessly integrates with plugins from other manufacturers.
  • Converts between plugin parameters, midi controllers and audio signals.
  • Free library of essential audio engineering tools and bizarre inventions.

The Studio Units Plug-in Collection includes 33 SU plugins, which are building blocks that can be used to create more sophisticated sound processors. The SU library combines these plugins in 11 effect patches, available without the purchase of a licence.

The Studio Units Plug-in Collection is currently available to purchase for Windows PC (Mac AU/VST in development, RTAS planned), priced at $99 USD excl. VAT.

More information: Studio Units Software