stw-audio has updated ITS Reflex Pro multi fx delay plugin to version 2.2.

REFLEX PRO V2 is a powerful 4 channel multi effect delay unit. Predefined feedback routings and a clear structured signal flow make it easy to design unique organic and living feedback cascades.

The update contains some fixes and new features, including the “Preset Update Pack2” with 40 new presets.

stw-audio Reflex Pro 2.2

stw-audio’s Reflex Pro now comes with some new, brighter skins.

Changes in Reflex Pro v2.2

  • “Skinability”. Change Reflex Pro appearance with new background bitmaps.
  • LFO sync to Song Position Pointer.
  • Fixed: Audio dropout with extreme Resonance modulation settings on the Butterworth filter.
  • Fixed: Broken wrap at LFO stepping.
  • Fixed: False Preset name storing (host vst data).
  • Fixed: False storing of some LFO parameters (host vst data).
  • Data and Preset Folder moved into Program data folder.

Reflex Pro for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 49 EUR incl. VAT.

More information: STW Audio / Reflex Pro V2