Sampleson has announced the release of SUB Analog Drums, a virtual instrument that recreates the famous vintage drums from the ’80s and ’90s.

The instrument uses synthesis to recreate those famous drum sounds as heard many top charting hits by Michael Jackson, Prince, Queen, Phil Collins, etc.

SUB is a vintage analog drums module recreating many classic drum sounds and a Sub-frequency oscillator for extra fun!

The magic of using synthesis (instead of sampling vintage hardware) is that sounds can be tweaked in a way sampled-based vst drum machines won’t let you. Also it’s just 35MB (sampling all of the variations you have on SUB will require 4GB of samples)

SUB Analog Drums comes with 18 analog drum sounds and a mixer with panning and volume. The high definition interface is scalable.

The plugin is available as a free download for 32/64-bit Windows and Mac in VST, AU and standalone formats. A social share is required.

More information: Sampleson