Subaqueous Dubstep Midi Drum Grooves

Subaqueous has released Dubstep Midi Drum Grooves, a free pack of dubstep and downtempo MIDI drums.

This is a collection from some of my songs from my first album Wave Pulse as well as other downtempo dubstep midi drums that I have been working on.

Included is 44 drum grooves separated by High Hat, Kick, Brass/Snare, and Other Percussion. I also included a small ableton live set that just has them layered out so you can add your own drum rack and play around with them.

To get the files sign up below for the Subaqueous newsletter and it will redirect you to the download files. I will also be releasing a lot more midi packs and other free and rad production tools and you will stay up to date with the newsletter.

More information: Subaqueous