Subaqueous has introduced a pack of 10 free Ableton Live templates made from the Tides of Twilight album.

I just released the remix album, Recreate, a week ago and wanted to take this to the next level. I wanted to not only share the music, but make it easier for others to make remixed and learn how I go about things as a musician.

When making music there are so many possibilities. To get the same exact bass growl you could go about it in 10 different ways. This is one of the most amazing things about Ableton Live and the most daunting What can be really helpful to starting musicians is seeing how someone else went about things. Even if you have produced for years, seeing how someone else makes a track can be really helpful. That is why I spent countless hours putting together this collection of my tracks as Ableton Live Packs.

I took all 10 of the tracks from the album Tides of Twilight and turned them into Live Packs. This way you can open them up and explore who I went about and made the music. This is designed to help inspire you with new production ideas, organization, and show you what a finished Subaqueous track might look like.

The pack is a free download (donations appreciated). Premium packs are also available for purchase.

More information: Subaqueous