u-he has announced it is offering a 25% discount coupon to anyone who subscribes to its newsletter before July 1st!

Since u-he doesn’t normally offer discounts, this is a good chance to pick up one of its excellent plugins such as Repro-1, Diva, Hive or Zebra.

u he Newsletter coupon

Out with the old, in with the new… in the aftermath of the GDPR frenzy we now have a shiny new list of newsletter subscribers to go with our shiny new website. Although we’re thrilled that so many of you came back, we could certainly handle a few more! So we decided to make all subscribers a yummy offer:

Everyone who already signed up for the new newsletter will receive a coupon for 25% off in their mailbox today. Anyone who signs up before July 1st 2018 will receive theirs early July. Valid until the end of August, this coupon can be used once only for any purchase in our shop (except transfer tokens, merchandise, Colour Copy beta).

More information: u-he