Sunsine Audio STIX 305

Sunsine Audio has announced the release of STIX 305, the first in a series of “converted” Beatmaker 2 and Nanostudio versions of Waveshaper drum kits and samples.

The SoundMaster Stix 305 is a very rare analogue drum machine from the early eighties. You get both the cheesy, mellow sound of the psychedelic 70s, plus the acid hats of the 80s !

This WaveShaper sample pack is a quite unique occasion to meet this very little known and lovely beat box. Your tracks will get a great retro sound, whether you are an electronic funk producer, and acid freak or a true analogue sound lover.

The Stix305 was recorded using some tube preamp and compressor and a vintage eq on top of it to keep the analogue vibe on the full recording chain. As the Stix305 features few sounds, I recorded them at various compression, gain and eq settings and made several takes of each sound in order to get some subtle variations that your round-robin soft sampler will love for sure! There are also a dozen of loops plus a more punchy kit, processed using some strong tube distortion.

STIX 305 for iOS features

  • 43 One Hit Samples.
  • 3 Kits (Clean, Alt, Distorted).
  • 3 .bmkz files for Beatmaker 2.
  • 3 .trg files for Nanostudio.
  • 13 Bonus loops in .wav format.
  • Easy Installation Instructions.
  • Note: Requires Beatmaker 2 or Nanostudio, not included.

The converted STIX 305 pack for iOS (Nanostudio and Beatmaker 2) is available to purchase for $2.90 USD. The original wav sample pack is available from Waveshaper.

More information: Sunsine Audio