Swan Audio has announced Analogue Hits, a new collection of 127 sounds for the Diva virtual analog synthesizer instrument from u-he.

For Analog Hits, Swan Audio has slavishly emulated the sounds of many hit analog synth records, and added a few of his own. The goal was to produce the definitive ‘analogue synth music’ style sound pack available ‘in the box’.

When looking for sounds to inspire music – why not look to the Hits!? ‘Analogue Hits’ for Diva contains a collection of scrupulously modelled sounds inspired by hit tracks, giving the user a comprehensive suite of sounds that are genuinely useful for making music – and ratified by their use in hit tracks.

After the huge success of ‘Classic OB’ which modelled an Oberheim OB8 so well that in blind tests 60% of people thought the presets were a real OB8, Swan Audio has taken a step up to get even more out of u-he Diva by exploring the wider world of music made by analogue synths. The result is 87 carefully modelled sounds, and another 40 original sounds in the classic analogue synth style that sound amazingly analogue.

Suitable for all types of music that can benefit from the warmth of analogue tone, Analogue Hits is here to allow anyone to go forth and make their own hit record. It has already featured on record releases from testers…

Analogue Hits is available for £19.99 GBP.

More information: Swan Audio / Analogue Hits