Swar Systems has announced the release of SwarPlug for iOS, a virtual Indian instrument.

Swar Systems SwarPlug for iOS

Our virtual Indian instrument SwarPlug has now been ported to the iOS platform as an Audio Unit Extension (AUv3). This is a new plugin format that can load within AUv3 compatible DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) like Garageband, Cubasis or AUM. Just add a new MIDI track, select SwarPlug as the virtual instrument, and you are ready to go adding that extra Indian spice to your compositions.

Initially only Tabla is included but you can add any of the 79 voices through In App Purchasing. Each voice comes with its MIDI loops that you can audition directly in the plugin, and then import within your DAW through an Open In dialog.

SwarPlug for iOS is available from the App Store, priced at $2.99 USD. A bundle with all 79 instruments costs $99.99 USD.

More information: Swar Systems / SwarPlug for iOS