UJAM has introduced its upcoming Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS, a virtual instrument that delivers modern string ensemble textures, with a sound design twist.

The instrument is designed to always play perfectly voiced, exclusively engineered sounds so you can produce music with the same focus and flow that is the signature of every ujam instrument.

ujam is happy to count Hans Zimmer—one of the world’s great film composers—as one of its co-founders. Hans lent us his legendary string recordings that he has amassed over decades for use in STRIIIINGS.

The musical phrases are recorded at one of the world’s leading scoring stages by some of the world’s best instrumentalists.

UJAM Striiiings


  • World-class string section phrases, no string arrangement skills required.
  • Brand-new creative performance and sound design engine by ujam.
  • 60 playing styles, more than 200 sound designer presets.
  • Recorded at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Studios, produced by Boris Salchow.

STRIIIINGS is available to pre-order at a 41% discount, priced 99 USD/EUR until December 6th, 2020 (regular 169 USD/EUR).

The instrument is on sale at UJAM and Plugin Boutique.