Synapse Audio Dune

Synapse Audio has announced a patch contest for Dune, its flagship virtual synthesizer instrument.

In collaboration with Alpha Centauri and Bassline Records Synapse Audio announces a patch contest for Dune. Anyone can participate, including demo version users (you can save patches in the demo version, just not recall them).

Submit one or more patches to us via email (, and win one or more of the following prizes

Dune Patch Contest prizes

  • 1x Dune VST/AU
  • 1x Hydra VST/AU
  • 1x EKS-9 VST/AU
  • 3x Dune Soundset by Rob Lee
  • 2x CD/Album Spacesynth Revolutions
  • 2x CD/Album Electron
  • 2x CD/Album Galaxion (TBR)
  • 2x CD/Album Everdune (TBR)

The contest ends 21 December, 2010. Users who participate and win a product they already own may either pick an alternate prize or get a voucher of that value.

More information: Synapse Audio