Synapse Audio has launched a new soundset for the Dune 3 software synthesizer instrument. World of Sequences delivers a collection of 135 arps and sequences by professional sound designer Kevin Schroeder.

Kevin is a sound designer who programs sounds for well-known synthesizer manufacturers, as well as film composers Hans Zimmer, Trevor Morris and Paul Haslinger. Most recently he has programmed the sounds for the motion pictures James Bond 007 – No time to die, Wonder Woman 1984, Top Gun Maverick and others.

This bank comes with 135 arps/sequences, typically multi-layered and supporting a variety of controllers like Modwheel, Breath, Aftertouch, Expression or Velocity. The patches in this soundset are mainly designed for Ambient, Cinematic and EDM projects. Most sequences in this set use the arp and/or step sequencer instead of MIDI files, so that patches can be adapted easily to any project.

The soundset is available to purchase at the Synapse Audio shop for $40 USD. It requires Dune v3.5 or later which is also available at the Synapse Audio shop and from distributor Thomann.

More information: Synapse Audio