To celebrate its VocAlign technology recently winning a Technical Academy Award, Synchro Arts has announced a 33% discount on VocAlign Project 3 for a limited time.

The industry standard plugin for aligning audio, VocAlign Project takes two separate vocal performances and aligns their timing in seconds, potentially saving hours of manual editing so you can focus on being creative and hitting deadlines.

Whatever the musical genre, VocAlign is the must-have plugin for aligning stacked vocals, bringing your performances together so they sound clean and focused. Also if you’re working in audio post production, VocALign is an essential tool for ADR, enabling dialogue to be instantly replaced.

Until April 30th, VocAlign Project is available from Plugin Boutique at a 33% discount, priced £74 GBP / 79 EUR / $99 USD (excluding tax).

More information: Synchro Arts