Synchro Arts has announced the release of Revoice Pro 4.1, a significant update to its flagship product Revoice Pro.

The update includes numerous workflow enhancements such as Process groups, improved Warp workflow and even tighter integration with ARA2 compatible DAWs such as Studio One and Reaper.

Revoice Pro is used worldwide by top audio professionals for the fastest, easiest and best sounding adjustment and alignment of vocals, instruments and ADR as well as double track generation saving hours of editing time, ensuring high production values and helping to achieve their creative vision.

Revoice Pro 4 is our most comprehensive and best sounding release yet, containing unique and easy to use tools and workflow enhancements for top professional DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Studio One and Cubase.

Revoice Pro 4.1 is a free upgrade for Revoice Pro 4 owners. To celebrate the launch, Synchro Arts offers a 30% introductory discount on new licenses and upgrades from older products until June 14th.

More information: Synchro Arts