Synth Anatomy has launched WaveForm Project, a collection of 120 new waveforms for use in synthesizer instruments.

WaveForm Project is the beginning of a collection of waveforms for your favourite software synthesizer like Serum, Synthmaster, Alchemy and many others.

This library contains actually 120 new waveforms but will grow in the next weeks and months. You will find 500 waveforms by the end of this year. Pay once and receive free updates with new waveforms.

The waveforms are created from different sources like modular analog gear, analog gear or voices. Each file is available as .wav file.

The library is available for purchase for £2 GBP. A free 10 waveforms demo Version is available to download.

Synth Anatomy has also released The ART Lead, an instrument library for Kontakt featuring sounds from the Arturia Minibrute synthesizer.

The sounds are directly sampled without effects from the Arturia Minibrute. This collection contains 25 NKI Instruments and all raw .wav files. A GUI for this sample library is included.

All future updates (more sounds, more NKI, more samples) are free. More contributors to this library more new sounds will be available.

The ART Lead is available for purchase for £2.69 GBP. A purchase of this pack comes with a free copy of the WaveForm Project for a limited time.