Synthogy has announced the release of its newest generation of Ivory software instruments. Ivory 3 German D features all new recordings of an exceptional Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand Piano, which is characterized by its powerful, deep, resonant bass, and the round, singing tone of its treble.

A major leap in virtual piano recreation, Ivory 3 features a new RGB engine that makes possible expressive new features that behave like modeling technology, yet maintain the complex, rich and realistic sound of real world recorded acoustic instruments.

Principle among these features is Ivory 3’s Continuous Velocity to Timbre. Gone are the limitations of velocity layers or levels. Continuous Velocity provides real-time velocity to timbre change at every attack velocity. Whether your controller is sending 127 values of MIDI 1.0 velocity, 16,384 values with MIDI (CC88) Velocity Extension, or 65,536 values of velocity with MIDI 2.0 16 bit Hi-Resolution velocity, Ivory 3’s Continuous Velocity feature provides endlessly smooth velocity to timbre change for each value sent. In musical terms, this translates to limitless degrees of tone color.

Ivory 3 German D features

  • All new recordings of an exceptional Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand Piano.
  • Includes the all-new Ivory 3 piano engine.
  • Continuous Velocity to Timbre for limitless degrees of tone color. No more discrete velocity levels.
  • The RGB Engine, a new real-time playback and DSP technology that provides unprecedented expressive capabilities and stunningly realistic sound.
  • Dynamic Shift provides fine control over your Hi-Resolution velocity to timbre response.
  • Hammer Strength changes the character of piano strikes from soft hammer to hard.
  • Enhanced Sympathetic Resonance and Sustain Resonance is Harmonic Resonance Modeling evolved, with more harmonic overtones and dynamic control.
  • Multiple Microphone Perspectives, with multiple close, mid/side, and ambient perspectives available.
  • On-Board Mixing Desk: Each Stereo Channel has its own Trim, Gain, Polarity invert, 3 band EQ, Compression, Ambience, Chorus/Delay, Balance, M/S processing, Bus sends, plus multiple signal paths for parallel processing, and more.
  • New Synth Layers including a beautiful Ensemble Strings sample by Audio Bro.
  • All New Graphical User Interface. The Ivory 3 GUI has been elegantly redesigned from the ground up.
  • Simplified Preset structure that makes it easier to save and recall your custom presets. What were once separate presets for Programs, Effects, and Sessions in Ivory 2 have now been incorporated into the single Design Preset.
  • Support for Ivory II presets and libraries for full backwards compatibility.

Currently available for Mac only in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats (Windows coming soon), Ivory 3 German D is priced $279 USD / 259 EUR at the Synthogy store and from distributor Best Service.