Sampleism has announced the release of Rekombinator, a granular sample recycler instrument by SzcZ for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Rekombinator is an experimental sound manipulating device. It deconstructs sound samples and turns them into grains then recombines them to assemble new sounds.

It can be used to re-structure drum sequences, create robotic voices, flanger effects or evolving granular soundscapes. It is extremely powerful and flexible!

Rekombinator features

  • Grain Envelopes — You can adjust the grain volume envelopes to create a cross-fade between overlapping grains. Attack is grain volume fade-in, release is grain volume fade-out, curve is shape of attack curve. You can also set overall volume of grain playback, which can be useful to automate and create varied volume throughout following grains.
  • Import Your Own Samples — ReKombinator is incredibly powerful and allows you to import your own samples directly into the editor so you can mangle and mash your own sounds. It comes with 40 presets to suggest possible applications.

Rekombinator is available from Sampleism for £18 GBP.

More information: Sampleism / Rekombinator