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Denise Brickwall Limiter

Denise launches Brickwall Limiter with adjustable lookahead curve

Denise has announced availability of its new Brickwall Limiter, the next release in the series of plugins that are not only quick and simple-to-use,...
Denise Transient Booster

Denise releases Transient Booster plugin with continuous peak-width

Denise has announced the release of Transient Booster, an audio effect plugin that gives you full control of your transients with a continuous peak-width...
Denise New York Compressor

Denise Audio launches New York Compressor with continuous RMS-time control

Denise Audio has announced the release of the second plugin in its series of audio effects designed to be quick and simple-to-use, but also...
Denise Saturator

Add color and depth with Denise Saturator effect plugin

Denise has announced the release of its first plugin Saturator, a new audio effect for adding color and depth to individual tracks and bus...
Denise plugin design competition

New plugin platform Denise launches with competition

Denise has announced the launch of its website with a competition that invites you to design a custom plugin. Besides the upcoming plugin range that...

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