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Review: Waveformless Soundware DIVA Prima

Waveformless Soundware's latest offering is DIVA Prima, a collection of sounds for u-he's virtual analog DIVA software synthesizer for Windows and Mac. DIVA Prima is...
Waveformless Dune Spiceflow

Review: Waveformless DUNE Spiceflow

Regular rekkerd readers will likely recognize the name Tom Shear. I frequently post links to Tom's excellent blog Waveformless, where he shares tons of...

Waveformless Soundware releases Vanguard Phoenix Bank

Waveformless Soundware has launched with the release of the Vanguard Phoenix Bank, a collection of patches for the Vanguard virtual synthesizer by reFX. Why is...

Tom Shear

This page contains patches and sound banks by Tom Shear of Waveformless. Tom is a professional electronic musician currently residing in Seattle, WA.

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