The Musicology Group TapTone Vintage Guitar

The Musicology Group has announced version 1.2 of TapTone Vintage Guitar, a free iOS app that offers classic tones for guitarists.

If you’ve ever wanted to sound like your favorite guitarist and experienced difficulties researching, testing, and finally purchasing gear (if you could afford it), we have an awesome solution for you. Enter TapTone Vintage Guitar. We’ve been hard at work building accurate models of classic effects for the guitar and have now extended our expertise to amplifiers and cabinets.

At the forefront of v1.2 is our ’68-‘69 100W non-master volume amplifier (VG402C), a classic amp logging thousands of hours over countless rock records. When you need something a bit cleaner, check out the ’68 combo with a silver faceplate (VG205E), you’ll find sparkling crystal cleans. Or you can crank the gain and treble and for a sound that will slice through your mix. And while you’re at it, you can mix and match amplifiers and speaker cabinets to create unique tones, unlocking a few studio mysteries behind some legendary records.

With this latest version, you’ll be able to achieve near perfect recreations of tones on many of your favorite records. All for a fraction of the cost, and all on a device that can fit into your backpack or pocket. If you play guitar, you need to check this out! Stay tuned as we continue to revisit a long list of classic tones for the electric guitar through our app for iOS, TapTone Vintage Guitar.

Changes in TapTone Vintage Guitar v1.2

  • Two new Amplifier models in the gear shop: VG402C, VG205E.
  • Speaker Cabinets available separately, mix and match to suit your needs.
  • Speaker Simulator offered as an additional free pedal with extra options for tone.
  • Expanding Gear Shop of vintage amplifiers, cabinets, and effects with a free download to get you started.
  • Subscribe for a low monthly fee and get an all-access pass.

The TapTone Vintage Guitar app is a free download from the iTunes App Store, with In-App purchases available.

More information: The Musicology Group / TapTone Vintage Guitar