Tascam and Antares Audio Technologies have collaborated to create the TA-1VP Vocal Processor, a single-rackspace processor for live performance, house of worship or studio use.

The TA-1VP uses the new Evo version of Antares’ world-famous Auto-Tune processing for real-time pitch correction and doubling of the input vocal. Antares’ TEC Award-winning Microphone and Tube Modeling is also included.

The TASCAM TA-1VP includes both a microphone input and line input. Compression, gating, de-essing and equalization are all available for the input signal. The front-panel interface is covered with dedicated, illuminated buttons and meters to show exactly what the unit is doing. Factory presets and user memory slots recall the ideal settings for your vocal style, and real-time MIDI control is also provided.

Built for every audio application from live performance to studio mixdown, TASCAM’s TA-1VP is the only hardware processor with Auto-Tune technology for flawless vocal intonation.

Tascam TA-1VP

TA-1VP Vocal Processor features

  • Antares Auto-Tune Evo real-time pitch correction with enhanced tracking and correction capabilities.
  • Antares Microphone Modeling simulates a variety of high-end studio microphones with variable proximity effect.
  • Analog tube modeling effect.
  • Variable-knee compression.
  • Downward-expanding gate processor.
  • Variable frequency de-esser.
  • Flexible 2-band parametric EQ.
  • Automatic mono or stereo doubletracking.
  • User-programmable settings.
  • Dynamic MIDI control.
  • XLR microphone input with phantom power.
  • 1/4” balanced line input and output.
  • S/PDIF digital output.
  • 1/4″ footswitch input.

More information: Tascam / TA-1VP