Tasmodia ACE Cream and Accelerator for u-he ACE

Tasmodia has released ACE Cream and Accelerator, two soundsets for ACE, the virtual modular synthesizer plug-in by u-he.

ACE CREAM is a set of 130 fresh & flexible, high quality sounds for the fabulous u-he ACE software synth, suited for such styles like House, Dance, Trance, D&B and many other contemporary electronic music styles.

ACCELERATOR is a set of 130 unique and unusual sounds for the fabulous u-he ACE software synth, useful for ambient, minimal and experimental electronic music in general as well as for soundtrack work or whenever you want to add a unique sound or effect to your track.

ACE Cream / Accelerator features

  • ACE Cream: 130 pachtes including punchy basses, assertive synth sounds and energetic chords as well as pads of many flavours, from soft and beautiful soundscapes to harsh and digital, a big portion of sequenced sounds comprised of pulses, gated sounds and melodic patterns.
  • Accelerator: 130 patches including itch-drifting basses, noisy leads, minimal blips & beeps, crazy sci-fi sfx, modular screams and twisted pads as well as intricate soundscapes & spaces.
  • Extensive use of the available midi controllers for maximum flexibility and fun.
  • Patches have been created as CPU efficient as possible.

ACE Cream and Accelerator are available to purchase for 19.75 EUR excl. VAT each. A 20% discount is available when purchasing both soundsets.

More information: Tasmodia