TC Electronic Plug-Ins

TC Electronic has announced a price reduction on its PowerCore and Pro Tools TDM plug-ins.

Whether you’re using algorithms ported from our legendary System 6000, including VSS3 stereo source reverb, MD3 for comprehensive mastering tools, DVR2 for vintage reverbs and Tap Factory for the ultimate in delays, or adding precision analogue filtering with Filtroid, layering sumptuous harmonized vocals with Harmony4 or adding punch and sheen to your mixes with the incomparable MasterX5, our PowerCore plug-ins bring power, precision and performance to the table, no matter what the project.

The price reductions apply to all our PowerCore plug-ins.

We are now reducing the price of our Pro Tools TDM plug-ins significantly, and this saving applies to single TDM plug-in licenses, including VSS3, MD3 and LM5D, as well as some of our TDM plug-in bundles, such as the Mastering Bundle, Production Bundle and Studio Complete Bundle. The world’s most respected audio production tools for Pro Tools TDM platform are now even better value than ever!

More information: TC Electronic