TC Electronic has announced it has extended the feature set of Clarity X with a free metering app for iPad, Mac and PC.

The new app gives you scalable views, greater ease of control and extended features. Not only can you customize your metering views, TC Electronic has added more meter types, like LRA+I, a combination of Loudness Range and Program Loudness.

The feature set of the Clarity X Remote has also been extended. Not only does the app display the functions assigned to each of the Remote keys, it adds two additional function keys.

Metering App features

  • Customize metering views.
  • New meter types: LRA+I, a combination of Loudness Range and Program Loudness.
  • View Short Term Loudness and Program Loudness in a single view.
  • Combined speaker select and SPL meter.
  • Combined speaker select and Sweet Spot select view.
  • Switch speakers on/off in a multi channel speaker set up in speaker view.
  • More scales for the True-peak meter.
  • See the position of the level knob on the remote.
  • Displays Clarity X remote functions.
  • Extends the Clarity X Remote feature set.

The app is a free download to all Clarity X users.

More information: TC Electronic