TeamDNR Cinematic Loops

TeamDNR has released Cinematic Loops, a collection of innovative, evocative, cinematic grooves by Sleepless Soundworks.

Cinematic Loops features

  • 25 grooves (Styles) in 24bit/48kHz, with tempos ranging from 65 to 136 BPM.
  • Formats: Wave, Apple Loops, Rex2 and exs24 (the latter with Midifiles).
  • Each Style is offered in full version, a NoKick version (the whole groove minus the bass drum), and in Construction Kits: each element/beat of each groove is provided as a separate element, so you can combine and re-combine any of them to produce new grooves, thanks to the Apple Loops and/or Rex formats.
  • Includes special loops for reverb tails, echo tails, etc., in order to be sure that the loops perfectly…loop.
  • The exs24 version allows you to go way deeper in groove deconstruction as each loop is sliced by its smallest rhythmic division, then chromatically mapped across the MIDI keyboard, and provided with its corresponding Midifile.

Cinematic Loops is available to purchase for $69 USD.